Pediatric Sleep Consultants

Welcome to Bedtime Baby Bliss! Our role as sleep consultants is to help your child develop life long healthy sleeping habits. Babies are not born with the capacity to fall asleep on their own. This is a skill they must learn. With patience, consistency, and a personalised sleep plan, you could soon be on your way to sleep heaven. Both baby, toddler and parent.


Nicci Proome,

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi! I'm Nicci, I am a certified Montessori directress, infant stimulation specialist, pediatric sleep consultant and safe sleep ambassador.

I am passionate about sleep and helping parents new and old to establish and create a strong sleep foundation within the home. Helping you help your little ones sleep.


Treatment Sessions
One-on-one or in tailor made workshops



We offer the following consultations: One-on-one in the comfort of your home or via Skype, no matter where in the world you are we can help you help your little ones sleep.


Well thought out, informative and educated workshops about mastering the art of sleep in infants and toddlers. Meet and greet parents and professionals that know the importants of sleep.


Parents Recommend


Nicci was and is my knight in shining armour....someone tagged her on a group i belong to and in a hysterical sleep deprived panic i contacted her and without even knowing me got in her car and came to see me, she calmed me down and became my angel. My kids are my life, but i have had to always do it all on my own without family or friends ( hubby works the longest hours ). Its no lie when i say she saved my life, i wouldnt be here today. If she had not come to see me....i hate to think what would have happened to me. All we did was get my little girl into a normal day routine so she could just have A decent nap during the day, without even trying night times just clicked for us and my baby at 7 months started sleeping 12 to 13 hours at night. She has taught me alot and i will always hold a special place in my heart for her ❤ sleep training is really not harsh, there are so many ways and methods, you just got to find the right one for you and baby and i cant think of anyone better than nicci !!!


My little guy has never really been a good sleeper. I’ve battled through every leap, sleep regression and teething. If it wasn’t for Nicci, I would have gone mad already and my little boy would have some seriously bad sleeping habits. Every single tactic and advise Nicci has given me has worked 100% with Samuel. He is currently going through his 9 month sleep regression and Nicci’s program is really working, as long as I promised her I will stick to it. Thank you Nicci for empowering me to help my little guy get through the sleep issues. You’re an absolute life saver.


My baby boy Lorenzo was born 25th December 2018 at some ridiculous time. In the hospital he hated to sleep, place was freezing so honestly can't blame him. I just wanted to get home to my warm bed and the rest of the family. For the first 3 months he would sleep like normal then suddenly at 4 months everything changed we would go nights with him not sleeping at all not even wanting to sleep in the day. I put it down to him teething, well those teeth are coming via ship from an unknown destination. Then last week the 16th July after a night of having absolutely no sleep at all and pretty desperate for any assistance. Besides getting him dosed by a doctor, I saw the ad from Nicci. Nicci was an absolute life saver when I had my first born. So I thought let me see if she was able to assist us in any way possible. It seems being completely different to my first born Lorenzo needed a much better routine. Nicci sent me a guideline on what we should be doing and his sleep routine. The first night I changed his bathing, eating and sleep time completely and touch wood it's been a week where he has slept perfectly only waking up maybe once or twice for a bottle. I still need to catch up. But without asking for help i think i would have gone crazy. I would highly recommend Nicci Poome to anyone struggling with babies sleeping. She really goes the extra mile and would help with any questions you have. Not only is she a loving person she absolutely loves to help babies, toddlers, children mommies and maybe the daddies.


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