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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

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A B O U T  M E

Nicci Proome,

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I am a certified Montessori directress, infant stimulation specialist, pediatric sleep consultant and safe sleep ambassador.


I ran my own Moms and Babes Upper Highway franchise for 5 years before moving into the safe sleep zone due to a current lack of education in this field.


I am a mum of two, an aunty and a wife passionate about empowering new and old parents striving towards being the best possible parents they can be through education, workshops and one on one mentoring.


Better sleep equals better parenting.

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Sleep, sleep, sleep

I aim to provide sleep “knowledge” before setting a routine as knowing why we build routine is the building blocks to ensuring the process works.


An artist goes to art school before he can truly appreciate the skills he has mastered of which evolve into master piece after master piece.

Knowledge is power, if you clearly understand the ins and outs of what you are doing during the sleep shaping process you can’t fail. I use a very special formulated questionnaire to investigate all realms of why your little one hasn’t been sleeping as well as they should. 


Through an in-depth sleep assessment a good plan forward will be made and together after carefully going through the different sleep settling techniques we will create a personalized plan to suite the entire family.

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